Why Makashir Diagnostics

Over the last 30 years, Makashir Diagnostics has been known to provide accurate and on-time reports with unique offerings and unbeaten customer focus. Makashir Diagnostics has been a pioneer in its own way in the diagnostics field. Now being run by their third generation, it has carved a name for itself as one of the most trusted and leading laboratories in the South Delhi area.

Accurate Results

At Makashir Diagnostics, our number one focus is on ensuring quality and accuracy of our test results. Our automated machines and strictly followed processes ensures accuracy and quality of our results

Affordable Prices

The vision of our company is to provide quality and international-level healthcare services to our patients at affordable prices. We are proud to have one of the most economical prices in the South Delhi area

Professional and Trained Staff

We invest in our staff and make them go through an extensive training and certifications that helps us provide professional and quality services to our customers

International Tie-ups

In addition to working with top corporates in the country, we also have tie-ups with international organizations for providing diagnostics services. This is a testament to the quality, processes and value that we provide.

Our Services

Makashir Diagnostics is a fully automated laboratory located in a prime area in South Delhi. It has been in operation for more than 30 years

We are a professionally run and managed laboratory that employs a full time staff of nearly 25 technicians, front-desk and lab managers.

We are on the panel of several government agencies like CGHS, Air India; insurance companies and TPAs like Policy Bazaar; and international organizations like Ministry of Education of Malaysia and Embassy of Canada. We are one of two centers in the entire North of India authorized to conduct medical screenings for Malaysia student visas.

We offer several customized services for corporations and to the public that fall in the following categories.









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Health Packages

Most Popular

Full Health Panel

  • Original Price: 3270
  • Number Of Tests: 55
  • Fasting Preferred
  • Report available on same day
  • Sample Collection from Home / Office
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30+ Package

  • Original Price: 2390
  • Number Of Tests: 41
  • Fasting Preferred
  • Report available on same day
  • Sample Collection from Home / Office
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Mini Health Package

  • Original Price: 1640
  • Number Of Tests: 39
  • Fasting Preferred
  • Report available on same day
  • Sample Collection from Home / Office
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